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    • Lilly Teal

      Comment on "If You Give a Bird a Bicky..."

      W-witch?! Not that there was anything wrong with being a witch, but she wasn't one, especially not around a panicky witch-hunter who had just shot his roommate with...n the handle without turning around. "I'm not a witch! I haven't tried to... enchan...

      • Mother Goose

        Comment on "Wicked Witch of the Beats"

        ...starting with-"That was her cue. Time to make a stunning entrance~ The witch summoned up a flurry of color...the crowd applauded. This wasn't in the script at all. "Glinda the Good Witch everyone?" Mother Goose smirk...

        • Gladstone Gander

          Comment on "Dream a Little Dream"

's not.  We're actually laying on the ground at the club with a witch projecting me into your those peepers I'd really appreciate it."  The aforementioned witch let out a heaving sigh that n...

          • James Wolfe

            Comment on "Spying spells"

            Connor's tail drooped again and he let out a quiet sigh, as the witch suddenly turned hostile and turned aw..., he'd done it. He'd bungled up, just like Siegfried said he would. The witch would never tell him anything...

            • A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs

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              The witch turned away uneasily. "He would try to stop me from interfering in 'the natura...go into a state of Post Tramatic Stress Disorder, which could be deadly for a witch. A witch who is too numb or h...

              • Mother Goose

                Comment on "Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun"

                ...of style- pastels aren't exactly an 'appropriate part of a proper young witch's wardrobe,'" she said, makin...ance to get out of family crypt," she shrugged. "Be myself more..." The witch was a little too tense to pas...

                • Mother Goose

                  Comment on "Bippity Boppity Breaking and Entering"

                  ...fter her? Briar thought the week over. No, no she was in the clear, the witch was pretty sure that her late...t, to help recuse damsel in distress and this is the thanks I get?" The witch pulled a frilly hanky out the...

                  • Mother Goose

                    Comment on "If You Give a Bird a Bicky..."

                    ...pening?! This guy wasn't part of cookie vault security!! At the words 'Witch Hunter', the Grimms each inst...dark-haired Lilly terribly exposed to the darts. True, this particular witch hunter seemed like he'd learn...

                    • Richest Duck in the World

                      Comment on "A Negaverse Welcome"

                      “A lion and a witch?” Scrooge looked over. “Ah yes, I read that story many years ago. Or at least my world’s version of it. Don’t tell me the witch wins in this one and gets rid...

                      • Mother Goose

                        Comment on "Matters Of The Art"

                        "Makeover," the witch said gleefully, leaning in. What will it be, punk?