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    • A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs

      A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs

      Occupation: Varies (SHUSH agents, a SHUSH liason, a witch, gangsters, an artist, and villains)

      • DarkwingPsycho


        About: to), she doesn't use them often for fear of being shunned, which has happened in the past. Her trusting and kind nature make her easy prey to villains, especially those with a tend...

        • Max Wicked

          Max Wicked

          About: ...t be aware that he was in a whole other world...Where other heroes and villains and...bizarre folk live in. M...y since he exposed his Werefox form one too many times and now certain villains know that silver is a lethal...

          • Raindrop Flud

            Raindrop Flud

            About: ...and even began to become a heroic influence in the city. However, once Darkwing snapped and became Darkwarrior, he was one of the many villains and former villains rounded up and slaughtered by...

            • Dr. Moira Rousseau

              Dr. Moira Rousseau

              About: ...ntly only consists of her and Dr. Drake Mallard). Her job's primary tasks are to: provide forensic mental health evaluations on criminals and villains about to go on trial assist...

              • Bernadette Semien

                Bernadette Semien

                About: Was born and raised in Houston. Moved to St. Canard last year. It’s the strangest place I admit! With the villains and self proclaimed hero Darkwing Duck. But I love it.

                • Duck Avenger

                  Duck Avenger

                  About: ...hnology, including the versatile X-Transformer shield. Thus, the 151st floor becomes his new hideout, and the two work together to battle all-new villains, including hostile aliens, an...