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    • Treble "Cadance" Clef

      Rhythm and Crime

      If there was one more thing Treble Clef had decided since enacting this plan, it was that having a concert in the daytime was about the most nonsensical thing the rocker could think of. Of course, this was the Quackstreet Boys she was talking about. She scoffed at the thought of even having to l...

      Tags: really shitty setup but im trying, quiverwing quack, nega-gosalyn, treble clef, maybe more people later?

      • Mother Goose

        Wicked Witch of the Beats

        Mother Goose was positively giddy with excitement. It was finally opening weekend for St Canard Cultural Museum and she had big plans for their newest exhibit, ‘The Wonderful World of Oz’. Not only would the event opening be a fairytale delight, with a live “munchkin” band...

        Tags: mother goose, treble clef, wizard of oz, free for all brawl, for reals somebody stop them, gladstone gander, max wicked, darkwing duck

        • Treble "Cadance" Clef

          Flute To The Finish

          The Museum Of Music. Treble knew this place like the back of her hand, and with good reason - it was full of all of the most powerful and well-known magical artifacts in the world. Sure, a lot of this stuff was dingy and old, but it was also useful - in the right (or wrong) hands, it could do som...

          Tags: reserved, might open to other characters as things go on, mother goose, treble clef, quiverwing duck

          • Treble "Cadance" Clef

            Matters Of The Art

            Treble Clef peered around the corner, clutching the jar containing her girlfriend tight. It was a bizarre thing to think about - the fact that the person she loved the most had turned into a pathetic paint puddle - but if all went as planned, she'd be back to her usual brash and artistic self in ...

            Tags: treble clef, mother goose, girlfriend turned paint fun time, she's taking splatter's "death" pretty well i gotta say