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    • Lilly Teal

      Comment on "Dream a Little Dream"

      Normally Celia would have been the one to grab him, but Leonard had ju...'s head. Maybe not surprised by the chaos, but this, shall we say rougher side to the...ulder, just in case. "I think we'd all like to know what the end game was, here. And he won't be able to answer us very w...

      • Morgana Macawber

        Comment on "That Old Black Magic"

        "Oh no, I'll be there!" She reassured him. "But Malicia won't know that. In fact, your safety is far more guaranteed the less she knows about us meeting. If she so much as suspects that you and I are cooperating, it... won't end well for either of us."  What a swell family this is. 

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        • Negaduck

          RP: Explosive Temper IIIB

          In his comfortable and typically imposing command...pervillain responsible for the latest bout of chaos was chuckling. Supervillain-ly. "Now this-" Meaning the explosions a...Any questions hit me up! Preferably not literally.]]...

          • Quackerjack

            RP: Taken

            Gosalyn is shadowed by a chaotic, sinister force after an end to a bad day. Will she be able to escape his clutches?

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            • Trevor Mallard

              Maria Fairbairn

              Maria was Trevor’s fiancee until she met her tragic end at the hands of Morogh, a vampire. Her death was what sent Trevor on his path as a hunter. She was a city girl that wanted a more quiet life so moved to the country where she fell in love with the farm lad.

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              • Negaduck

                About the Group

                Ahoy ye barnacle bottomed swine! This be the place for all yer one-eyed bow-legged tales o' piratey legend! This group is for all tales set in the world of that...sp; 2) Multiple arcs/casting allowed, no need for continuity, bring on the chaos! 3) Nothing - repeat NOTHI...

                • Agent Gemini

                  Agent Gemini's SHUSH File

                  ((This is a file that IC  upper mid level and higher SHUSH...tart out with many high recommendat...positive work for.   All her cases are well written and detail apprehending targets. For someone that...en pulls herself together and ends up getting the set target ca...

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                  • Drake Mallard

                    By Drake Mallard

                    "Why do I get the feeling there will be chaos soon?"

                    • Elliot Hudson

                      By Elliot Hudson

                      ((OOC: Apologies for slow replies. Replies from Elliot and Moira will probably be sporadic until January. Apart from the usual holiday chaos, I’ve been having to deal with medical issues that apparently need to be addressed before our insurance...More

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                      • Negaduck

                        RP: Cruising to Christmas

                        Deck the bows with halls of holy! Traversing the calm, cool waters of Calisota was a splendid cruise ship. It was covered with equally splendid (or not so splendid, depending on one's point of view) Christmas lights and decorations, and absolutely filled with Christmas jiggles and of c...