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    • Lilly Teal

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      "It's possible, when it's me. I'm a terrible bully." The terrible bully gave her a warm smile, and then scr...e took the biscuits from Piper and walked them both to a little table to make her...r books you need, honey. Maybe you can do both! My father did something simi...

      • Negaduck

        Comment on "RP: The Pirate Queen"

        Having been distracted faffing around with the keys to allow them actually inside the cell, the Captain cut her off again. Physically and otherwise.  "Terrible, just terrible! Look at her stretched ou...

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        • Agent Carol Torres

          Cursed or Blessed?

          ((OOC: A companion blog to Max Wicked's blog "A Terrible Night To Be Cursed," this is what is happening b...and Trevor's partner, Agent Dmitri. I'll open it up for the other characters from "Terr...

          • Black Arts Devil

            Devil-Wing Duck! Hell on Earth in Saint Canard!(Free to join RP)

            It's been three weeks since the dome appeared around St. Canard. Three weeks since Paddyquac...over Black Art's body and began his take-over of St. Canard, and three weeks since the terr...

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            • Crimson Cowl

              Transcript of John Doe's interview

              Transcript: John Doe psychological interview 1, Dr J. Argon, Duckburg Physchological Ward,...nce a doctor that they were my patient and then get them...g to go back to your cell quietly, it would be terrible for you to ruin your...

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              • Lilly Teal

                Stories untold

                Celia was having an exceptionally good day. She hadn't had to throw anyone out, for one. All the patrons that had come in today were on their best behaviour, nobody was drinking too much, and the tables at the back that tended to have the more shady customers that they were supposed to ignore, we...