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    • DarkwingPsycho

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      Ariana decided to help Malicia play up its value.  "But madame! heirloom for a simple game of cards!  The value of that map is untold!" She was glad to see a spark of interest finally trace over the p...

      • Piper/ Jade

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        Oh but her curiosity was far too strong. "Please, do tell me the story and identity you have for me...sped happily in front of her. Story...second cousins" ex girlfriend? The charming girl he met at the bis...ut knowing him, he'd have some story like-- 'I saw her at the supermarket and she looked impr...

        • Lilly Teal

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          "... well... if it's not too much trouble, could you just see if there's enough for breakfast in the fridge while I get them tucke...t like to read them a bedtime story...aid sleepily. "Not a bedtime story. Just a story. We're not slee..."Not sleepy at all," her brother agreed. "Oh yes? Piper, do th...

          • Gladstone Gander

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            Wait. Wendy was leaving?  Without a story? The younger boys all looked at the Pirate Princess expectantly.  There had to be a story.  Otherwi...six. "I wanna storrrryyy!" "STORY STORY STORY STORY!" Chimed the boys at the two women. "Peter....

            • DarkwingPsycho

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              "I don't think the children want to hear about your dangerous and immoral exploits," Ariana cut in, trying to be stern.  Little did she know she was inadvertently making his story sound sweeter.  "Besides, you're here to read a story, not make one up." She eyed Lilly for help.

              • (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

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                Oddly enough, the story seemed very similar. Aside from several grammatical mistakes and inappropiate swearing by the author, the ending was just the same.  "Wait,...ewey asked nervously.  "You mean this story was real?" Huey looked intrig...

                • Richest Duck in the World

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                  “A lion and a witch?” Scrooge looked over. “Ah yes, I read that story many years ago. Or at least...out so that he could flip to the end of the story and see what happens. “...pastiche of real life and another story written long long ago.”...

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          " She dramatically dabbed the corners of her eyes with a napkin despite them being completely dry. "So!" Rebarka beamed. "What other story...-" "You heard me. Shoo shoo. There's a good boy." she sent a pla...of yours.  You've got a story lined up for me already I can...

                    • Lilly Teal

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                      "I think it was a lot more wanting to keep the city from being burned down she watched him weave the story in something... well, drama...e didn't miss a second of the story. A second of the up her face slightly, and the boy bit back a laugh. "It might...

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                        Neither the verbal nor percussive admonishment seemed to dampen...ess. He grinned brightly at Mother Goose after the smack, but e.... Goose, my only caveat about story...lly said, "Except, of course, the literary magic that comes from reading a good story."