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    • Harmonizer

      Comment on "Welcome to St. Canard"

      Darkwing dating a villainess? With the roles reversed, that is. Harmonizer wasn't sure.... They could either be a good thing or a bad thing. She had never been in one before, anyway. "Do you 'ave t...ze act of a crime?" she questioned Darkwing, feeling curious.&nbs...

      • Gladstone Gander

        Comment on "Once Upon a Scheme"

        Dragonstone was very disappointed in the change of portion size of the shiny thin...SCPD will take care of...everythin...ed. He was a policeman in St. Canard though, this was the kinda thing he had to deal with on a’s chest. And Dragonstone knew he hated that policeman, and his stupid non...

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        • Lilly Teal

          Attempted interactions: Take 2

          ...nd Carmine Field.) The first thing she noticed, with some light relief, was that the club wasn't as crowded as...were nice, but there was something vitally important that was missing. Ah! "And I can introduce you to people!" That had been a major selling poi...

          • Mother Goose

            Grimm Grinning Goats

            After a long day at work, the best thing is putting your feet for a bit. The worst thi...g is coming home, flipping the lights on, only to be met with the back of tall, dark chair, with skull toppers, that you definitely did not own. "...

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            • Crimson Cowl

              Current look

              Ah, fixed the sideways thing

              • Gladstone Gander

                -waves flag-

                Negaduck's Biggest Stan With: Negahunk (in my DREAMS)Occupation...but it really should be Gladstone PANDER because I am constantly...his dramatic realisation, the only important thing that happens at this time of year...some fruit puppets and maybe meander through explosions drunkenl...


                • Kamkairo

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                  [[ These are characters that are either dead or unavailable in present times but can be used for things such as flashbacks or alter...d for the common person or anyone else- Very manipulative- Calm, calculating demeanor, can mask it with a polite facade-...

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                  • Agent Carol Torres

                    Torres Family Angst (i.e. Why Carol bakes a lot)

                    ...them privately over dinner so that they can talk, instead of dragging to him. “Sh-sure. That was one heck of a dame singing. Woo!...rsquo;s the cake? I heard someone mention cake.” Jeff start...arrest.” “Jeff- That is your daughter, Carol.&rdquo...

                    • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

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                      Please read the FAQs page as well!   Before you can register an account on Duckver...mitted , however, it must be done privately. You can achieve this either by rolepl...elcome to roleplay (RP) them. That said, a diversity of characters is always a good thing! Please note that if there...

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                      • Negaduck

                        RP: Hotline Bling

                        Ever since I left the city, you, you, you You and me we just don't get along You make me feel like I did you wrong Going places where you don't belong ... The silvery tones of a Drake of the non-feathered variety fluttered out of the guard house at Malicia Macawber's HQ. It was oddly qui...

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