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    • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

      Comment on "Return to sender"

      "Nggggh..." The lump that was Malicia tucked her head under a pillow like a turtle retreating into its shell. Ugh, no, get rid of the light. I need my beauty sleep! "Go finish yourself off, Negs." She muttered sleepily.

      • Piper/ Jade

        Comment on "Return from whence you came"

        "Of course I do. And that is saying something... his sarcasm would probably tire out t...ome adventures together. "But... it is no secret that things calmed down after Negs... yanno." she shrugged. "Not...

        • Agent Steelbeak

          Comment on "Crisp Fall Air"

          "Easy: You're gonna share all the deets on Macawber. Tell us what she's up to, what she plans to do... et-cet-era et...e doing wit her, and keep us updated. In exchange, we wire you some serious fat stac...

          • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

            Comment on "RP: Hotline Bling"

            Mal seemed rather surprised at the sudden appearance of the thief, mainly because she...possible she might've had some new tidbits to tell her. Sidling up next to Negs, her tail coiled around him p...

            • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

              Comment on "RP: Hotline Bling"

              Here came the classic hands around throat technique. Gosh, she'd almost forgotten that grasping maneuver. So warm and strangly... "NO. BAD NEGS. We do not kill my minions!"...

              • Piper/ Jade

                Comment on "Started from the Bottom"

                “I was not sure he was in there. I went to see so..” a shrug. She’d explained this, ha...he? For all of Malicia’s success, it was clear from an outside perspective that Negs had been what was holding her...

                • Max Wicked

                  Comment on "RP: Music to Your Ears"

                  Max focused even harder as he saw Harmonizer in danger before hitting the floor badly which made him worry with conc...on the head. Max noticed that the criminal was just about next to one of those stac...

                  • Negaduck

                    Comment on "The City of Screaming Books"

                    The near blow clipped the book out of his hands. No biggie, he hadn't been planning on...cross his arms to glower. "Maybe I don't know." As promised, Go-Go Gadget Negs grabbed for the bat so he cou...

                    • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                      Comment on "RP: My Precioussss"

                      Jade's reaction hadn't really surprised her. You spend enough years around Negaduck, y...And what makes you think she ran to FOWL? How would you know that?" Face it Negs, no level of boinking changes...

                      • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                        Comment on "RP: Another Lifetime"

                        The witch's bravado was the final straw that sent Malicia into a frothing rage. "YOU W...another, you are not making it out of this alive, do you hear me?!" Catching Negs in her line of sight as he wa...