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    • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

      Queen Malicia of St. Canard

      About: cause blindness, I suppose that hearing my perfect pitch just ruined every other form of singing because how could you possibly enjoy any other singer when you’ve already heard per...

      • Puck Puddlebill

        Puck Puddlebill

        Occupation: Singer and Guitarist of alternative band "Dark Matter'About: ...ndly, spicy, wild Character background: Was born in Ireland and grew up there. She went to school and finished high school, but found herself the singer and lead guitarist in a alter...

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        • Just Quackerjack

          Comment on "The Way You Look Tonight"

          "Haha, you got me there." he laughed, giving a little wink. "Y'see, I've been a singer for a while now, traveling around and raising money - this is actually my very first big-name gi...

          • (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

            Comment on "Rhythm and Crime"

            "I've got some glitter bombs. Will that help?" Gosalyn asked.  She jumped a little when the singer addressed her and Drake. Uh...  "We just came to see what's going on, an...

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            • Gladstone Gander

              Hug it Out

              ...r it was until Ariana walked in the door.  Oh-oh no. He looked to the stage as if Lilly would magically appear and save him, but the current singer had just started her first so...

              • Feathers Galore

                Party Girls

                ...The nightclub was dark but well-lit by neon pink and blue light which seemed to bounce in time with the upbeat music of an energetic young female singer. Some women were on the dance...

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                • Puck Puddlebill

                  Midnight Star

                  Tags: puck, puddlebill, duck, midnight star, cute, punk, singer, mohawk, irish

                  • Puck Puddlebill

                    Punk Girl

                    Drawn by FrothignLizard

                    Tags: puck, puddlebill, duck, punk, singer, band, irish, hero, colorful, midnight star

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