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    • Just Quackerjack

      What A Wonderful Town!

      You just didn't see places like this anymore. Pastel-colored houses, all the same, lined the perfectly cleaned streets. Gardens peppered every house's front lawn, filled with flowers and butterflies of all sorts and colors. A few people (dressed in equally pastel-colored clothes and wit...

      Tags: reserved roleplay, for now, just quackerjack, red nova, quiverwing duck, THIS GOT VERY PAINFUL VERY FAST, justy is a yandere?, stepford suburbia courtesy of someone, bet you cant guess who

      • Just Quackerjack

        The Way You Look Tonight

        It'd been a while since Quackerjack had stopped by St. Canard. Well, this version of St. Canard, anyways. He'd all but fled from his home universe after everything that had happened, and had sworn not to return for fear of anyone tracking him down and taking him down for good. But he had a plan...

        Tags: reserved roleplay, just quackerjack, red nova, back to the softverse, its time for a double dose of dolly

        • Red Nova

          Arms Race

          Tony, a sizeable looking canine with just the faintest hint of grey at his temples, was situated at his usual booth in the restaurant, waiting for their visitors. This was a prime location to discuss business matters, as he owned the place, so there was no need to be concerned over any prying. An...

          Tags: reserved roleplay, lilly teal, red nova

          • Just Quackerjack

            In The Good Ol' Summertime

            There couldn't have been a day when Quackerjack had been more elated. There just couldn't have. He'd already left the note for the dear, sweet lady - Melody, what a lovely name - to find, and he just knew she'd be stopping by any moment now. Of course, he was more than prepared in case she didn't...

            Tags: reserved roleplay, softjack, melody demeanor, possible torture and other icky things, mature tag may or may not be needed, no spicey times tho, murder depends on the way the victim responds, very fun times for all, dont die melody, and dont bleed out