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    • Melody Demeanor

      RP: Bank Re-nova-tions

      Reserved for: Melody and Red Nova "Sir as I have already explained, you cannot cash a check written on toilet paper that really is not how this works at all." The swan was using her terse-but-still-polite voice as she ran through her explanation of valid forms of currency for the umpteenth ...

      Tags: melody demeanor, red nova, cool guys don't look at explosions they just turn and they walk awaaaay~

      • Red Nova

        Keep Your Enemies Close (but not too close, stand over there...)

        Red Nova had to restock her supplies. Fuel was a necessity for her jet pack, and gasoline in general was just a dandy thing to have around. When she was really low, she took to siphoning parked cars- now there was an image of a villain to be taken seriously, crouched with a gas can on the side of...

        Tags: quackerjack, the budding of a new friendship?, or a terrible idea?, time will tell, red nova, what a grouch she needs a little fun in her life

        • Just Quackerjack

          What A Wonderful Town!

          You just didn't see places like this anymore. Pastel-colored houses, all the same, lined the perfectly cleaned streets. Gardens peppered every house's front lawn, filled with flowers and butterflies of all sorts and colors. A few people (dressed in equally pastel-colored clothes and wit...

          Tags: reserved roleplay, for now, just quackerjack, red nova, quiverwing duck, justy is a yandere?, stepford suburbia courtesy of someone, bet you cant guess who

          • GizmoDuck

            Super meet Nova

            Gizmoduck was on patrol.  Which for most of the city’s heroes would have meant stealth and sneaking along the rooftops and shadows to get the drop on crime.  But for Gizmoduck it meant rolling down the sidewalk in broad daylight signing autographs and kissing the occasional presen...

            Tags: Red Nova, Gizmoduck, Tick Tick Boom, Knock off all that Evil

            • Quiverwing Duck

              RP: Red Alert

              St. Canard was a city that had become accustomed to diversifying its resources and utilities, if only because the super villains who lived there tended to target them on a regular basis. The robbery of goods and money was expected in any metropolitan area, of course, but St. Canard routinely suff...

              Tags: Red Nova, Quiverwing Duck, care for a nice chat

              • Red Nova

                Lights Out!

                Weapon supplies were looking a little sparse lately, and during the downtime of inventing and rebuilding what Darkwing Dunce smashed to pieces, she took to simplistic forms of entertainment (no, it didn't involve setting things on fire, though that city bus thing had been funny that one time). St...

                Tags: Megavolt, Red Nova