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    • Red Nova

      Red Nova

      About: .... Thought to be dead, Ellie wakes up months later- badly burnt, disfigured, and missing an arm- under th...tity and ties with the mafia all together, Ellie begins her new life as Red Nova, feeling a greater purpose, a...


      • Quiverwing Duck

        Comment on "What A Wonderful Town!"

        ...head slightly a moment before Red Nova slammed into the room. He mu...e to move once again."He gestured to Quackerjack and said, "This...Jacqueline. The Mayor has retired, at least for the moment. As for your criticism, Ms. Nova, I'm ... not entirely certain...

        • Quiverwing Duck

          Comment on "What A Wonderful Town!"

          What had Red Nova said about the Mayor--that he was emotionally unstab...wing's brow pinched when he regarded Nova's suddenly the Knighthawk lay there, scattered around in so many pieces. Coul...shoulder. "Please stay here with Ms. Nova." As Quiverwing turned, quick...

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          • Negaduck

            RP: Pain in the Buttstock

            [[Reserved initially for Red Nova and Nice Negs, continuing on from Nova's board. Rated N for nice.]] "Ow.. oof.. would you..." against a battering of blooms to clawing at the pavement as Nova dragged him inside.  "W...

            • Melody Demeanor

              RP: Bank Re-nova-tions

              Reserved for: Melody and Red Nova "Sir as I have already explained, you cannot cash a check written...article listed St. Canard as being Number 2 on the 'Top 8 Most Pilfered and Plunged Cities In The Wor...

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              • Kamkairo


                Full name :: Nina Bellbird Alias(es) :: Nina-bean Age :: 8 Sex / Gender :: Female...cies :: Call Duck Eye color :: Green Hair color :: Red Skin / Fur / Feather color :...ers- Small beak with large buck teeth- Short bob-cut red...

                • Kamkairo

                  Inactive / Archived

                  [[ These are characters that are either dead or unavailable in...: Yellow Hair color :: Muted red Skin / Fur / Feather color :: Muted red, originally a more grey color...all about, 'painting the town red' Has a Negaverse counterpart...IT became popular, people feared clowns to the point where she...

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                    F.O.W.L Agent Roster

                    Current Heads of F.O.W.L.      Name       Species Eggman       Kinda?   Esmeralda Cruz  Red&...

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                      Roleplay Archives

                      A collection of saved RPs from the socialgo Duckverse site, compiled by Nemzit and M...rake. Dungeons & Demons - Negs and Mal are captured by the Enforcers and sent to...gaduck is very not okay with this, and has come prepared....

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                      • Rebarka Sterling

                        By Rebarka Sterling

                        DOWN TO CLOWN?! Red Nova, resident heart breaker has kicked Negs to the curb and is now jingling some new bells. And I'm not talkin' Jolly old Saint Nick! Quackerjack and Red Nova have been reportedly "teaming up" in epic fashion. "But Barky" I...More

                        • Rebarka Sterling

                          By Rebarka Sterling

                          "RED NOVA-GOING GREEN?? Resident bad girl Red Nova was spotted at a local grocery bringing her own reusable shopping bags. When the cashier asked her if she was concerned with the state of the environment she was reported as getting teary-eyed and...More

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                          • Melody Demeanor

                            RP: Bank Re-nova-tions

                            Reserved for: Melody and Red Nova "Sir as I have already explained, you cannot cash a check written on toilet paper that really is not how this works at all." The swan was using her terse-but-still-polite voice as she ran through her explanation of valid forms of currency for the umpteenth ...

                            Tags: melody demeanor, red nova, cool guys don't look at explosions they just turn and they walk awaaaay~

                            • Red Nova

                              Keep Your Enemies Close (but not too close, stand over there...)

                              Red Nova had to restock her supplies. Fuel was a necessity for her jet pack, and gasoline in general was just a dandy thing to have around. When she was really low, she took to siphoning parked cars- now there was an image of a villain to be taken seriously, crouched with a gas can on the side of...

                              Tags: quackerjack, the budding of a new friendship?, or a terrible idea?, time will tell, red nova, what a grouch she needs a little fun in her life

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