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    • Rebarka Sterling

      By Rebarka Sterling

      "CHILD HERO QUIVERWING QUACK ACTUALLY A MAN!? An anonymous tip has come my way that the beloved 'child' is actually just a very short middle aged man named Norman Greenbramble. Norman's family insists that they'd 'recognize him anywhere' and that...More

      • Negaduck

        By Negaduck

        --NEWSFLASH-- "Webra Walters repowrting live. Only days after the vicious vwillain Negaduck suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of a mysterious new hwero, the city is now facing another onslaught - being overrun by hundwreds of armed...More

        • Agent Carol Torres

          By Agent Carol Torres

          Anyone near the break room would hear melodious humming as a bushy tailed agent approached with several shopping tote bags on her shoulders.

          Agent Carol Torres laid a red laced napkin on a table and set out several clear plastic tubs of cookies...More

          • Rebarka Sterling

            By Rebarka Sterling

            "COLD HANDS WARMED BLACK HEART? READERS! My darlings! It's finally happened! The notorious heartbreaker has broken down! I repeat Negaduck is OFF THE MARKET, and has slipped into cold storage! Late last night in what was reportedly a very tearful...More