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    • Duckpool

      By Duckpool

      @drakemallard Oh Goody, the duck knight is here to tell me how to Plucking do my plucking job!

      • Duck Avenger

        By Duck Avenger

        @drakemallard "Hope it's on the mend 'cause it sounded awful last night when I dropped by St. Canard. You were also in a yellow and red outfit for some reason."

        • Rebarka Sterling

          By Rebarka Sterling

          @drakemallard "Gizmoduck? Love me? Well that is an interesting bit of information because I have this story I'm working on here moments away from being run that our knight in shining armor is actually head over Huffy for you Darkwing. I hope you'll...More

          • Agent Carol Torres

            By Agent Carol Torres

            Anyone near the break room would hear melodious humming as a bushy tailed agent approached with several shopping tote bags on her shoulders.

            Agent Carol Torres laid a red laced napkin on a table and set out several clear plastic tubs of cookies...More

            • Duck Avenger

              By Duck Avenger

              @Doomyboy "Urk! Umm...if there's a red wire, snip that one. It always works in the movies!"

              • Crimson Cowl

                By Crimson Cowl

                @DuckAvenger THEY ARE ALL RED