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    • Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles

      Three to Tango

      -------TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS AGO-------   What makes a great agent of S.H.U.S.H.? One that has- Loyalty,...different to her-- just on a larger scale is all. - It was lunch time and the Red Ro...

      • Feathers Galore

        Dame Game

        Well, Feathers could hardly blame him for being drawn in so quickly. Jacob Mallar...athing air."But I do not mind the company." She gestured to the stool next to hers to...s welcome to sit. She brushed her luxurious, flowing red ha...

        • Feathers Galore

          Birds of a Feather

          Feathers was dressed to kill. Literally and metaphorically. One could never be too careful when No jewelry around her neck. She had a small, discreet gun holstered close to her inner thigh, bobby pins in her red ha...

          • Moon Mom

            Miskates Happen

            Della Duck felt she was fully prepared for an exciting day spending quality time with her...her best) attempts were interrupted when what appeared to be a garbageman stopped th...fiti - in some cases, looking as if someone had covered up...