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    • Negaduck

      RP: Straight Shooting

      Down by the dock of the bay. Reserved initially for Quiverwing Duck and Negaduck. The epitome of intelligence. That's the exact opposite of what that chortle was.  "I can't believes they left this shipment of golden shower heads unguarded." The mountain of a masked thug marvelled at t...

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      • Quiverwing Duck

        Double Identity

        The Audubon Bay Bridge was a beautiful and stately landmark with its soaring towers and graceful suspension cables. The latter could allow one access to the former, were one willing to do some courageous climbing in the often calamitous crosswinds that sometimes swept through the bay.In any case,...

        Tags: Quiverwing Duck, Drake Mallard, dealing with doubles

        • Quiverwing Duck

          Nega-tive Consequences

          Unintentionally frightening a child can have some undesireable results. (Continued from QW's message board)    "Oh, hello!"Out of habit, she bobbed a curtsey and smiled at the archer hero warmly."You don't seem like you're from around here. Can I help you?"She clasped her hands over...

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          • Quiverwing Duck

            That Old Black Magic

            Once he had finally decided to approach the Morgana Macawber of this dimension, Quiverwing Duck decided to do it as Drake Mallard. For him, this meant a dark green sport coat and a pink shirt with a necktie; things skewed more towards the formal back in his own St. Canard. At the front gate of h...

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            • Harmonizer

              The Point of Music

              Now this... this was fun. Harmonizer forgot how much she missed running around the rooftops, doing dangerous stunts, leaping from building to building. That wind blowing around her, the rush of fear and adrenaline, that satisfaction of making it without a mistake (though of course she was very su...

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              • Quackerjack

                Shards of Darkness (Rated M for horror PLEASE DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER I'M A HORRIBLE PERSON)

                Why was this so hard? All he wanted was to be fed, and he could barely even sustain himself on rats! Those creatures barely knew fear! He was starving!  If he went on like this any longer... well, he didn't want to know the outcome. His powers were already waning.  He had no choice. H...

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                • GizmoDuck

                  Interdimensional Intimacy Intervention

                  ((OOC: Reserved for the happy couple,  the mad couple, and the couple counselor  at the moment might open it up as it progresses))   Gizmoduck had extended an invitation to Darkwing Duck and Quiverwing Duck out of pure, overly eager (and unrequested) helpfulness.  This whole...

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                  • Quiverwing Duck

                    Grand Daft Auto

                    As he had promised, Quiverwing Duck allowed Gosalyn Mallard an opportunity to visit his office once it was more than a mostly empty room. Furnished and with 'D.K. Mallard - Private Investigator' on the window portion of the office door, it was a straightforward base of operations for a publicly a...

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                    • (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                      Dangerous Waters

                      "This is Tom Lockjaw reporting live from the abandoned swimming pool where a socialite was killed in cold blood! Can you tell us more about the case, inspector?"  "It appears that the man had drowned, but the most baffling thing is that the pool is dry and there were no traces of water anyw...

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                      • Harmonizer

                        Affectionate kiss

                        Yay one of the rare moments I took my art seriously. 

                        Tags: Quiverwing Duck, NegaGos, Negs don't be jealous