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    • Harmonizer


      About: ...e is getting increasingly terrified of her powers and hopes she doesn't lose control one day.  Now, she is under house arrest, and thanks to Quiverwing Duck, is able to gain more confide...

      • DarkwingPsycho


        About: ...A twenty-three-year-old from Transylvania, Ariana first lived in Duckburg for a couple of years before, one that even she is not yet aware of. Currently she is dating Quiverwing Duck, and along with his adopted d...

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        • Duck Avenger

          Comment on "Nega Hospitality"

          Duck Avenger watched Quiverwing scramble up with wonder. Now, this was a duck who had been around. Why was this,...escape opposite the wall that Quiverwing shimmied up. Duck Avenger scaled it with ease,...oss the gap to the roof where Quiverwing stood. Straight ahead...

          • Quiverwing Duck

            Comment on "Nega Hospitality"

   through his teeth when Negaduck revealed the Duck Avenger's sins. That explained ever...o, he couldn't just allow Negaduck to broast this guy to death. Or whatever the term was; Quiverwing had no idea how cooking...I'm not Darkwing, either. I'm Quiverwing Duck. Think of me as being sort of...

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            • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

              RP: Pulling the power plug

              ...erved for: Malicia, Darkwing, Quiverwing, Negaduck PREVIOUSLY ON DUCKVERSE.... After Negaduck and Malici...nwhile, the handsome Darkwing Duck is dealing with some major ma...elp of all-around ok guy Quiverwing Duck for tech support....weaty bodies intermingle, and Quiverwing reflects on his current...

              • Duck Avenger

                Nega Hospitality

                ...ea of a warm welcome, thought Duck Avenger. Duckburg's defender...y-acquainted friend, Darkwing Duck. On his walkabout through the...d hat. The raspy voice threw Duck Avenger for a loop, but he th...ated. Daring to question the duck responsible, he found out tha...

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                • Launchpad McQuack

                  Photos of Launchpad

                  A gallery of pictures of Launchpad McQuack from episodes of Darkwing Duck (like U.F. Foed and Darkly Dawns the Duck) and episodes of Ducktales like Top Duck

                  • Darkwing Merduck

                    Darkwing Duck

                    the Terror That Flaps in the Night!   Who else but the mighty masked mallard himself? ;)

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                    • Piper/ Jade

                      Jade/ Piper (REKTCON VERSION)

                      Name: Piper Lee 
Voice Actress (Sounds Like):  Lacey Chabert  (Zatanna from Young Justice) 
Alias: Jade
 Species: Duck 
Astrological sign: Sagittar...


                      • Drake Mallard

                        Art Info and Usage

                        I do art DWD art and OC art. If you have artwork by...'s account. You can find most of my duck art here. the wire for a free one. I am a busy duck so giveaways are rare.To see...

                        • Kamkairo


                          Full name :: Nina Bellbird Alias(es) :: Nina-bean Age :: 8 Sex / Gender :: Female Species :: Call Duck Eye color :: Green Hair col...uncle) Description of appearance :: - Young petite duckling- Light-yellow feathers- S...

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                          • Crimson Cowl

                            John Doe (Transferred from Darkwing Duck Fan Wiki)

                            John Doe   "Are you going to put me on...Asylum after seeing a news report about the Justice Ducks. Deciding that he could of their lives, he was recaptured by the Justice Ducks after abducting Gizmo Duck a...

                            • Feathers Galore

                              F.O.W.L Agent Roster

                              Current Heads of F.O.W.L.     &...  Unknown       Duck   High Command  ...;Feathers Galore      Duck     Field Agent &...;    John Doe   Duck  Double Agent   &...

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                              • Launchpad McQuack

                                By Launchpad McQuack

                                “I didn’t think he was training anyone since the Darkwing Decoy idea backfired again... He sure did not want Quiverwing Quack, Quiverwing Duck or Gizmoduck around. So, uh, heh... Do you really think I’m his equal?” @Doomyboy

                                • Negaduck

                                  By Negaduck

                                  [Image: Quiverwing Duck, post battle, with a distraught Ariana, and Negaduck in the foreground taking the picture with the assistance of his most recently acquired trophy / selfie stick.] Figured you'd be too slow posting your own caption so thought...More

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                                • Darkwing Tower

                                  Darkwing Tower

                                  At the top of the Audubon Bay Bridge, is the secret hide out of Darkwing Duck. From our hero watches the city for crime as well as a place to keep all of his nifty crime fighting gadgets. All allies are welcome but evildoers beware! Of course you could join too. But keep your hands to yourself!


                                  • Negaduck

                                    RP: Straight Shooting

                                    Down by the dock of the bay. Reserved initially for Quiverwing Duck and Negaduck. The epitome of intelligence. That's the exact opposite of what that chortle was.  "I can't believes they left this shipment of golden shower heads unguarded." The mountain of a masked thug marvelled at t...

                                    Tags: Quiverwing Duck, Negaduck, interdimensional shenanigans

                                    • Quiverwing Duck

                                      Double Identity

                                      The Audubon Bay Bridge was a beautiful and stately landmark with its soaring towers and graceful suspension cables. The latter could allow one access to the former, were one willing to do some courageous climbing in the often calamitous crosswinds that sometimes swept through the bay.In any case,...

                                      Tags: Quiverwing Duck, Drake Mallard, dealing with doubles

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