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        About: ...again on opposing sides. Over the years, Megavolt became one of Darkwing's most formidable enemies, and would often be seen partnered up with Quackerjack. Both of them would also beco...

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          Comment on "RP: Banking on Chaos"

          Quackerjack - the softer Quackerjack? - nodded at his counterpart innocently, then jumped back when he saw...was he here? "Oh, so now you're chasing me down? Golly, that's new." Quackerjack-2 peeked up from behind his c...

          • GizmoDuck

            Comment on "Interdimensional Intimacy Intervention"

            Why WERE there so many QuackerJacks?  Had there been a chemical waste spill at a Xerox...uckles vanishing did a lot to settle his unease. “QuackerJack, I don’t think that QuackerJack and QuackerJack were confused or scared at al...

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              Wibbly Wobbly, Quacky Whiny... stuff (Reserved RP)

              Quackerjack laughed maniacally as he surveyed his work. It t...g his invention to his new partner in crime, his Quackerjack twin!  "Surprise!" he w...hing...  Of course, sharing is caring, and Quackerjack would let his soft twin choos...

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                Quackerjack gets married

                ((OOC: FEEL FREE TO JOIN IN WITHOUT ASKING. 8DD I NEED MORE QUACKERJACK RPS IN MY LIFE.))  The streets o...oorstep,  yOu Are cOrdIALly inViTed to ouR weDDiNg dAY.  QuaCKerJaCk + (It'S a SURprise! HeeHeE!)&...

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                  ...Energetic, innocent, high voiceVoiceclaim : Melissa Fahn as Edward (Cowboy Bebop) Family :: - John Bellbird (father)- Nora Bellbird (mother)- Quackerjack (uncle) Description of appea...

                  • Kamkairo

                    What is a Shadowraith?

                    ...tionsBlack Lightning / His electricity is amplified in power, being far more destructive and volatileDark Electricity Generation SHADOWJACK - (QUACKERJACK)His toys are affected by the...

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                      ...several prison guards, his court appointed psychologist (twice), and Quackerjack. Powers/Abilities John Doe...he didn't recognize her, and Megavolt, who saw through his Quackerjackdisguise when he didn't have Q...

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