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    • Launchpad McQuack

      To SHUSH or Not To SHUSH

      To SHUSH or not to SHUSHPublished by: Launchpad on 4th Sep 2014 | View all blogs by Laun...nate data for that island has been tampered with. Possibly by whoever this competitor she had never been on Vladamir's his bad side, possibly du...

      • Launchpad McQuack

        Quackerjack's blog: "Fools Gold Rush In"

        RP: Fools Gold Rush InPublished by: QuackerJack on 5th Mar 2015 | Vi...bigger than big! He couldn't possibly want to try another St. Canar...n Fun, just for U! What could possibly go wrong? HahahaHAAA!" That...easures from beyond his time, possibly out of this Earth, and from f...

        • The Bugmaster

          The Bug is Back!

          Having been released on parole from prison, Bianca knew her first goal of action: To eliminate that pesky mosquito Darkwing once and for all! Possibly that traitorous little girl as well. With her secret identity blown in the last fight, she would need to be smarter in how she went about things.

          • Steelbeak/Steelbeak

            Just pokin' around

            OOC: All's welcome! Steelbeak wasn't above stealing trade secrets; if it could benefit him, or FOWL, he was in...n the street to the warehouse. He made a face when it sunk in; what could go possibly wr...

            • Negaduck

              Gold Digger

              [[OOC: Currently reserved for Malicia and Negaduck, but might open it up later. Drop me a message if interested. Ca..., even without the very shady nature of the drake behind the desk, who would possibly fa...

              • Launchpad McQuack

                A Wicked Fun Morning

                It was a pleasant morning in St. Canard. The weather was comfortable, no alarms were blaring, no horns were honking...ust a glance at all of the world was just something to take in and think how possibly di...

                • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                  The Bride & The Pirate

                  Reserved for: Negaduck, Malicia PREVIOUSLY IN THE PIRATEVERSE... Upon discovery that the fair Duchess Macawber is...sp; A large, expensive ship carrying large expensive treasure... what could possibly go...

                  • Lilly Teal

                    No strings attached

                    (OOC: Reserved for Lilly and Mal, though if anyone can write a good Paddywhack, hit me up!) Night was not a good time to be alone. This place was not a good place. This...

                    • Max Wicked

                      The Great Wilderness [Open RP]

                      It was a dark morning in St.Canard and inside one of the windows of a small apartment would be Max rummaging around...the sound of the wilderness and relaxed for a while....Surely nothing could possibly br...

                      • (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                        NegaGosalyn Wadlemeyer timeline

                        The first conversation would be way over at Negaduck's blog with her tending to him in the Negaverse and then accidentally getting transported to Darkwing's world. ...