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      Posiduck (posiduckrp)

      About: ...uck's doppelgangers, Dr. Drake Mallard also known by the stage name as Posiduck, is a therapist and singer fr...nger in a local band as a side job where he takes on the stage name of Posiduck where they spread their messa...

      • Dr. Moira Rousseau

        Dr. Moira Rousseau

        About: is seemingly in order, she would like to make friends.  Unfortunately, she has no idea how to go about it.  Her colleague Dr. Drake Mallard (Posiduck) is currently the only person...

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        • Drake Mallard

          Comment on "Interdimensional Intimacy Intervention"

          ...ually experiencing got 20 times worse when the party bomb went off. He ducked (ha) under the table to avoid getting sprayed by glitter. He was no Posiduck!"Oh no. This nightmare just g...

          • Elliot Hudson

            Comment on "Friendship R SHUSH"

            ...they entered.  He nodded in reply to the drake's question.  "And you're Dr. Mallard, correct?"  He really only remembered because Posiduck resembled the various other A...


            • (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

              NegaGosalyn Wadlemeyer timeline

              ...w/83713/magical-night-out  TheRichestDuck's message board.  Posiduck's message board.  Also...

              • (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                Friendship R SHUSH

                ((OOC: RP reserved for Elliot Hudson, Carol Torres, Posiduck, and my characters. But PM me if you want in! :D))  With Launchpad going off to check on the Ratcatcher, Gosalyn was...



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                  ...need a hug.  I am also on the Discord server under Darkwing Duck (Goku-san #1903).My Other RP Accounts & Duckverse OCSNegaduckPosiduckOliver MallardTrevor MallardSi...

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