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    • DarkwingPsycho

      The Spy Who Shoved Me [Open RP]

      OOC: I don't really have a lot planned for this one other than a general idea.  All are welcome!  This will be mostly set at SHUSH, just FYI.  I may throw Jacob in later, but this will mostly be about Lolita. She brushed her long silken black hair over her suited shoulder, her ser...

      Tags: lolita, femmefatale, SHUSH, playingwithire, SHUSHistheword, jade/piper, jgander, secretsaremybusiness

      • DarkwingPsycho

        Errand's Fool

        The yellow Jaguar slid easily into the parallel parking space in front of the small hardware store.  He was hoping to get a few items for a couple of the cars he was fixing up as well as things for his home.  A few Piper-related things for his home. He waited for it to beep, knowing th...

        Tags: erranterrands, jacobmallard, ironhook, matthewhalden, bromance, playingwithire, muertemuddle, ohnoes, sinistercarwash