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    • Trevor Mallard

      By Trevor Mallard

      "How can I remain calm and believe that?" Jabs a finger at Drake. "When most of them are your enemies." Then eyes Piper. "And she's been stealing again. I found loot while house cleaning."

      • Lilly Teal

        By Lilly Teal

        @Malicia Honey, do come to my new show when you get a chance! @Piper, you as well love.

        • Drake Mallard

          By Drake Mallard

          "I guess you heard from Trevor that he met another Mallard who might be family. He called me earlier about meeting him."

          • Trevor Mallard

            By Trevor Mallard

            @Malicia "Let's see. I get up early in the morning. Cook breakfast, get the children up and ready for school, take the children to school, do house chores (water and cultivate the plants, do the laundry, clean the house from top to bottom, and wash...More

            • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

              @trevormallard "Have you been smoking drugs over the past few years? You were completely under my control because of that ancient spell, you were doing literally everything I wanted. I grew bored of your existence and booted your pinfeathers to the...More

              • Trevor Mallard

                By Trevor Mallard

                "No. Just chamomile and spearmint. A few different flowers. I gave Piper some to help with sleep too."

                • J. Gander Hooter

                  By J. Gander Hooter

                  "I can't deny he can be a little too hard on the new trainees. I'll have to tell him to take things easy with them. Welcome to the agency, Mr. Mallard."

                  • Alex Shoveler

                    By Alex Shoveler

                    @ Trevor Mallard "Jeez. Sounds like you had as bad of a time as I had. What I don't get is why everyone has to go and decorate their own tree when there's a gigantic Christmas tree on display right outside the Rockefeather Center here in downtown...More

                    • Max Wicked

                      By Max Wicked

                      @Harmonizer @Drake Mallard "If we're using guns, then so be it!" he said as he pulled out the Wicked Gunlance and loaded a white bluish colored bullet and began to fire snow back.

                      • Agent Carol Torres

                        By Agent Carol Torres

                        "Supernatural?" Carol gave the mallard her full attention. "Hm... I think I may recall something. It wasn't in this section, though. Hang on."
                        Quickly putting away the files she had stacked and closing the drawer, she led him back to her desk and...More