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    • Piper/ Jade

      If I fits, I can knicks!

      RESEREVED FOR: (Jade/Piper and The Von Drakes/ Frankie) <3 <3 <3 <3 There was something simply alluring about a jewelry store at night.. the glass displays, the soft lighting reflecting and sparkling off the shiny, polished surfaces of gem stones. The creamy color of satiny pear...

      Tags: piper, piper lee, jade, character building, frankie, mcduck, jewlery, soprettytheshinygimmegimme

      • Piper/ Jade

        The Forgotten (MA)

        ((OOC: As of right now this is reserved for Piper/ Jade and Jacob. If anyone else wants in, message me. Keep in mind that at times this will be MA themed, and I think I will have it marked so that people can avoid it if they choose.))---It started small.... barely noticeable at first. A home...

        Tags: piper, jade, piper lee, jacob, crime, criminals, trafficking, dream team, gonnakicksomebadguyassupinhere

        • Piper/ Jade

          The Forgotten Pt 2 (MA)

          (( OOC: Continuing on, the group disbands to do more intel gathering and to prepare themselves for round two. Reserved at this time for Quiverwing, Piper, and Jacob. )) The information Jacob would be able to gather from the specimen would be undeniably valuable. Only one company had been fiddlin...

          Tags: continuing, Jacob mallards, Piper lee, quiverwing, round two