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    • Danny Pavo

      Danny Pavo

      About: Danny is, quite clearly, a peacock.  He was given up for adoption at birth and lived in a small orphanage...was happy to help and took care of Danny for the next year, helping the peacock out with food and shelter. W...


      • Piper/ Jade

        Comment on "A little night music"

        ...- Matthew did not strike her as particularly eager. She'd worn a nice peacock green evening dress that off of her hips and swished nicely when she moved... it matched the peacock feather mask she wore. ...

        • Drake Mallard

          Comment on "A New Hero in town"

          ...eplaced with him puffing up proudly. "Ah. You have heard of my heroic deeds then? Quite impressive if I say so myself." Are we sure you're not a peacock, DW? He twitched a little at...

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          • Negaduck's Biggest Stan

            Lights! Camera! Gala!

            ...amorous beauties in attendance. Every dress out did the next. Sequins and glitter.  Diamonds and pearls. Precious jewels paraded around like peacock feathers.  The violin qu...


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            • Trevor Mallard

              By Trevor Mallard

              @DarkwingDuck "I wonder why Negaduck is still at large? Maybe if you did your job instead of strutting like a peacock, he would be caught." He snorts. "As for you, @Malicia, I'm the one they call to deal with the supernatural when they break the...More


              • Danny Pavo

                Oh Dear

                Drawn by CakeNoodlePaddy

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                • Danny Pavo


                  Drawn by PlagueDog

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