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    • Quackerjack

      RP: Taken

      Gosalyn is shadowed by a chaotic, sinister force after an end to a bad day. Will she be able to escape his clutches?

      Tags: paddywhack, gosalyn, creepy, sports, minor chaos, it

      • Quackerjack

        Shards of Darkness (Rated M for horror PLEASE DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER I'M A HORRIBLE PERSON)

        Why was this so hard? All he wanted was to be fed, and he could barely even sustain himself on rats! Those creatures barely knew fear! He was starving!  If he went on like this any longer... well, he didn't want to know the outcome. His powers were already waning.  He had no choice. H...

        Tags: Quiverwing Duck, Paddywhack, your pain is delicious, needs some sauce though