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    • Gladstone Gander

      Dream a Little Dream

      The night had started like any other at the Coatl club.  It was busy for a weeknight a new show was being put on so the regulars were interested and that extended to the performers friends and family as well.  Gladstone had even convinced  Leonard to leave his shop and socialize. A...

      Tags: Lilly Teal, Matthew Halden, Ozymandias Brent, Gladstone Gander, Madam Mambo, Leonard Ainsworth, Nodoff to Dream World, Engage the enemy in his own mentality, chase his dreams, face his demons, live his nightmares, Psychic saviors, they should make a game like this

      • Mother Goose

        Just Glitter and Go Play

        Mother Goose was bored, bored, bored. Sure, she had plenty of reading material and crimes she could be planning, but, uuuuugh, all work and no play makes Jill very unwell. What she needed was some excitement, some games, some music, some party to crash, without all the annoying screaming and the...