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    • Danny Pavo

      Danny Pavo

      About: job all day long.  It wasn't long before she noticed something strange about h...of their entire life. This amazing ability did not come without sacrifices thoug...n to find if they were involved in the crime or not.) When Danny was 17, his mot...

      • Reynard Lowkey

        Reynard Lowkey

        About: One of F.O.W.L.'s many field agents, you'll find him (or not if he does his job right) running about performing all manner of dastardly deeds and evil enterprises. But at least he'll do it with a smile!  

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        • Negaduck

          A-Hole in One

          Teed Off. Now there was a business name Negaduck could get behind. Not that he would normally get behind somewhere as frustratingly funtastic as a mini golf establishment except perhaps to coat the club handles with sticky putty.  This time, however, he was on his best behaviour. The former...

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