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    • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

      Comment on "Because your Kiss is on Mal's List"

      "Darkwing, darling, I'm pretty sure I did all of the breaking and upping there. Tho...emory, your ego does have its own self-preservation instinct after all." "Oh, Negs, Negs, Negs. You can't cheat t...

      • Dr. Reginald Bushroot

        Comment on "Hazardous harmonics"

        "Oh no, I'm fine... I heard you play and nothing bad happened... this is some nice water, I-I... for once I... I don't want any more... This is nice, really nice." Bushroot ch...hat night drank from it "normally." "It's nice...

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        • Negaduck

          RP: Pain in the Buttstock

          [[Reserved initially for Red Nova and Nice Negs, continuing on from Nova's board. Rated N for nice.]] "Ow.. oof.. would you..." Quit that, or something more specific to do with where she could stick those tho...

          • Lilly Teal

            Fiction, Lust and Pixie Dust

            “Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough. You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice...was in a book, it must be true. ... mustn't it? Well. It was at least a nice thought to have. And nice...

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            • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

              Roleplay Archives

              ...ere is rated "M" for "Mal and Negs Debauchery". You have been wa...erything works in her favour. Negs, on the other hand… D...a furious Mal decides she and Negs are never ever ever getting b...ake. Dungeons & Demons - Negs and Mal are captured by the E...

              • Agent Carol Torres

                Torres Family Angst (i.e. Why Carol bakes a lot)

                (OOC: I wrote this to characterize Carol’s parents and provide some...eck of a dame singing. Woo! It’s nice to hear song writers in perso...made for me all by yourself was such a nice surprise.” “It so that you can see my face, okay? Nice...

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                • Negaduck

                  A-Hole in One

                  Teed Off. Now there was a business name Negaduck could get behind. Not that he would normally get behind somewhere as frustratingly funtastic as a mini golf establishment except perhaps to coat the club handles with sticky putty.  This time, however, he was on his best behaviour. The former...

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