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    • NegaMalicia

      Playing with Mr. Negaduck

      I love visiting Mr. Negaduck so I can help him see the light :)   (Art by VolcanicFires)

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        Me and my sister

        I have a sister!! Her name is also Malicia and I love giving her hugs. (Art by

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          Angel's Advocate

          Reserved for: Quiverwing, NegaGosalyn, NegaMalicia Ah, The Children's Hospital of St. Canard... not always the happiest place on Earth, but with the help of many generous patrons and kind-hearted volunteers, it was often a place filled with laughter and joy. Sometimes you simply must look f...

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          • NegaMalicia

            Hugging my favourite person!

            "HUG TIME! <3"

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