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    • Quiverwing Duck

      Comment on "When Violence Fails..."

      ..., and anyway, there was still the matter of having too many obstacles. He resorted to climbing the nearest, largest obstacle, which was to say, NegaMalicia, but it was possible that she...


      • NegaMalicia

        Angel's Advocate

        Reserved for: Quiverwing, NegaGosalyn, NegaMalicia Ah, The Children's Hospital of St. Canard... not always the happiest place on Earth, but with the help of many generous patrons and k...

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        • NegaMalicia

          Playing with Mr. Negaduck

          I love visiting Mr. Negaduck so I can help him see the light :)   (Art by VolcanicFires)

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          • NegaMalicia

            Me and my sister

            I have a sister!! Her name is also Malicia and I love giving her hugs. (Art by

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