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    • DarkwingPsycho

      Comment on "Hell Hath No Fury (Part 2)"

      ...t.  She wasn't sure what Malicia was doing, but she didn't want Negaduck to get physically hurt.  It was one thing to want revenge for a broken heart, but entir...t in the way she was worrying Malicia intended to.  But she di...

      • DarkwingPsycho

        Comment on "RP: The Pirate Queen"

        Meanwhile, Negaduck's prettier half had been waiting point to carry out their plan for revenge on Malicia.  Six months of companionship had altered not only Negaduck, but the blonde gypsy as wel...were not fired upon.  She knew Malicia was up to something.  Sh...

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        • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

          Hell Hath No Fury (Part 2)

          Reserved for: Ariana, Negaduck, Malicia. With the map finding its way into Negaduck's hands, it wouldn't be long b...simply had to bide their time. Malicia avoided Ariana as much as add regarding their plan for Negaduck, she had no interest in conv...proaching just off the coast!" Malicia...

          • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

            RP: Pulling the power plug

            **Rated PG-13 for orifice-inhabited ancient artifacts.**  Reserved for: Malicia, Darkwing, Quiverwing, Negaduck PREVIOUSLY ON DUCKVERSE.... After Negaduck and Malicia rob a museum filled with all-...ey confront the foul-smelling Negaduck! A hot and heavy showdown&n...

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            • Kamkairo

              What is a Shadowraith?

              WHAT IS A SHADOWRAITH? (aka What are Malvolius and Thade?) A of their host. Example: Darkwing and Negaduck are practically equal in terms of strength and skill, though Negaduc...ith physical combat/melee NEGASHADOW - (NEGADUC...

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                Roleplay Archives

                ...  Main compilation of Malicia and Negaduck posts - Wall posts that segue...Main compilation of Lilly and Negaduck posts - Wall posts that segue...Negaduck posts - Wall posts. Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold - M...hy"... The Love Quadrangle - Negaduck teams up with (pre-reformed)...

                • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                  All about 'Rektcon'

                  Welcome, friends! If you have reached this page it's because rektcon is now in effect. This mass retcon was triggered by Negaduck after he enabled a time-rever...n this page and your character will be added: Negaduck Malicia...

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                  • Duckpool

                    By Duckpool

                    @drakemallard Look pal, I'd just go Liam Neeson and revenge quest her out of there but the guy who kidnapped her is...well basically he's an evil version of me made of...

                    *Duckpool covers Gosalyn and NegaGos's ears*

                    stitched up body parts of...More

                    • Duck Avenger

                      By Duck Avenger

                      @Negaduck @Malicia "Get a room."

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                      • Negaduck

                        Lord Negaduck's Decrees

                        OOC: This group is for arcs happening within the Negaverse.  18+ content permitted, please tag and flag as mature.  If you intend to bring a Normalverse ch...




                        • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                          RP: The Pirate Queen

                          Reserved for: Mal and Negs. It started out as a small rumor. A myth, some would even say. Hushed voices in taverns and town squares. The tale of a monster. A demon in the form of a woman. She swept into a small town across the sea, they say. Appeared on the horizon accompanied by a-thousand-shi...

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