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      Gold Digger

      [[OOC: Currently reserved for Malicia and Negaduck, but might open it up later. Drop me a message if interested. Can never have too many suckers. Hahah.]] It was safe to say, as much as anything was ever safe around him, that Negaduck was a mallard of many hobbies. One of the most favourite of ...

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        Duchess of Disaster

        Even the deck feared to squeak as the black-hearted pirate Negaduck paced back and forth. Some time had passed since he and his crew had escaped the hold - of his own ship, mark you - and set sail for revenge.  There were, however, a few obstacles to overcome. "We lost our treasure, our s...

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          RP: Hotline Bling

          Ever since I left the city, you, you, you You and me we just don't get along You make me feel like I did you wrong Going places where you don't belong ... The silvery tones of a Drake of the non-feathered variety fluttered out of the guard house at Malicia Macawber's HQ. It was oddly qui...

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            RP: Another Lifetime

            In the middle of St Canard Cemetery, crisp moonlight bounced off the firm round boulders.. atop the entrance way. The city could be heard distantly all around; all the same, it was eerily peaceful. Beautiful, even. The rows and rows of the many who came before stood tall amongst long establis...

            Tags: Negaduck, Malicia, Jade, one in all in, RETCON, show down, if I could turrrn back timee

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              RP: Music to Your Ears

              [RP open to all but please drop me a note before you join in. I might have.. plans...] Hades, it felt good to get out and back into crime. Granted armed burglary was at the smaller scale, but as Negaduck well knew, to make an omelette you had to smash a few dozen eggs. Didn't mean he c...

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                Sole Heeling

                OOC: Follow on from Gold Digger. Reserved for Malicia and Negaduck at this point but mail me if you have any queries or better shoe puns.  A few weeks had passed since a not-fateful-at-all run-in/over involving a bag of fake gold and a supervillain hood ornament.  Remarkably, the city...

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                  RP: Loosing the Plot

                  Deep in the rumbling bowels of the Querido Quetzal, down many twists of a hidden staircase, was one scary sight.  It was not the rickety meeting table which jeetered with each of the club's bassier notes.  It was not the lights which flickered along the room's darkened edges. It was ...

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                    RP: Red Pickled Herrings

                    ((Continuing on from the Fearsome Five's Loosing the Plot. Reserved for Negs n Mal at the moment but drop me a line if interested!)) A dark night in St Canard because nights were rarely bright. The street lamps glinted off the white clean exterior of one of the most significant food manufacturin...

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                      The Prison Instruments

                      Follow on/side scene to the Portal Instruments. Reserved for Negaduck, Ariana and Morgana Macawber at this stage. Any questions hit me up. Literally is fine. It was dark, stormy night... No, actually, as dramatic as that would have been, it wasn't. A soft spring morning, the breeze rolling pleas...

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                        RP: Laugh It Up

                        OOC: Continuing on from Good Night, Sweet Samaritan. Reserved for Malicia and Negs at the moment but deliberately whacked this in a blog so we can add more later so drop me a message if interested.  The bartender had seen the ups and downs of every villain in the joint. When it came to the ...

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