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    • Harmonizer

      Music trouble

      Just one of those typical days, chasing the typical criminal down the street. Harmonizer was just catching up to him when, in a moment of desperation, the thug did a left and dodged into a store.  Harmonizer reacted quickly with a little smirk on her bill, spinning on her hee...

      Tags: accidentaldestroyer, harmonizer, halp, music, ocatve, ididn'tmeaneet!!!

      • Harmonizer

        Hazardous harmonics

        It was one of these days... er, nights, where Harmonizer really needed to relax. Probably the nightmares didn't help. It seemed that, every moment she spent here made things worse for her mental capabilities. She was currently lying across the musty sofa of her hideout, her eyes clenched shut ...

        Tags: harmonizer, bushroot, octave, music

        • Harmonizer

          Stranger Stuff

          ((OOC: RP reserved for Harmonizer and Lenore DeSpell. I'M SO SORRY FOR THE LATENESS. D8)) After helping Bushroot deliver a plant, Anastasia decided to take opportunity of her short-lived freedom to roam Duckburg for a bit before returning to her warden.  She hummed to herself contently as ...

          Tags: Harmonizer's alter ego, Lenore DeSpell, music, magic, Wartimer