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    • Negaduck

      The Prison Instruments

      Follow on/side scene to the Portal Instruments. Reserved for Negaduck, Ariana and Morgana Macawber at this stage. Any questions hit me up. Literally is fine. It was dark, stormy night... No, actually, as dramatic as that would have been, it wasn't. A soft spring morning, the breeze rolling pleas...

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      • Quiverwing Duck

        RP: That Old Black Magic

        Once he had finally decided to approach the Morgana Macawber of this dimension, Quiverwing Duck decided to do it as Drake Mallard. For him, this meant a dark green sport coat and a pink shirt with a necktie; things skewed more towards the formal back in his own St. Canard. At the front gate of h...

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        • Quiverwing Duck

          RP: Every Little Thing She Does

          A few weeks after Quiverwing Duck left his world of origin via a dimensional portal and entered into his current world--which, as it turned out, was not the world he had intended to go to in the first place--he decided to consult someone whom he knew was capable, intelligent, and knowledgeable. S...

          Tags: Morgana Macawber, Quiverwing Duck, excessive U.S.T.

          • Morgana Macawber

            RP: You Suck

            ((This blog takes place after the events in Meet Your Maker)) Reserved for: Morgana, Darkwing, Negaduck, and (later) Tanya.  Morgana awoke to the frenzied screeching of Eek & Squeak, and through her groggy state barely registered their message.  "Darkwing is what?" She shot up st...

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