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    • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

      Queen Malicia of St. Canard

      About: ...way? Not worth the drama. Anyway, Morgana was the most jealous of them...tly after I read an article about Morgana opening her shoddy was a good idea to take us to Morgana's restaurant? I know he meant...eir lives together. That was more Morgana’s thing you know, even when w...

      • Darkwing Duck

        Darkwing Duck

        With: on/off again with Morgana Macawber

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        • Darkwing Duck

          Comment on "Complete Armony"

          Darkwing stood near Morgana, not appreciating this nurse's att...lly once she had insulted not only Morgana, but the folded up parasol at...ff calling my gi-" Oh.  Morgana had effectively stopped ...o the Audubon Bay." Acknowledging Morgana's look, he stood guard just o...

          • Morgana Macawber

            Comment on "Complete Armony"

            Morgana also turned at the sudden noise, assuming the was her sister, but the state of her dress made Morgana's own blood pressure rise. "...ed, rushing toward her. There was a few moments of Morgana inspecting her to see if the...

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            • Quiverwing Duck

              Every Little Thing She Does

     his breaking said engagement.Needless to say, meeting this world's Morgana Macawber had been a little un...ected, she was able to offer him important information.After assisting Morgana in re-obtaining a scrying bal...

              • Quiverwing Duck

                That Old Black Magic

                Once he had finally decided to approach the Morgana Macawber of this dimension, Quiverwing Duck decided to d...nd strange. Of course, it was always more than a little strange around Morgana's house, that just came with...

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                • Kamkairo

                  What is a Shadowraith?

                  ...le in water normallyShadow Constructs / Can create various constructs from darkness, similarly to how he does with his watery form SHADOWGANA - (MORGANA)Shadow MagicBlack Fire / Conj...

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                  • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                    Roleplay Archives

           teams up with (pre-reformed) Morgana to start a lucrative business...rated B for Beans - Darkwing and Morgana accidentally drink the tainte...he Malpocalypse Part 2 - In which Morgana and Launchpad try to stop Neg....  The Prison Instruments - Morgana receives a surprise visit fro...

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                    • Negaduck

                      RP: Coven Get It

                      Some time after The Portal Instruments. Thanks to help from Morgana and some new friends, Ariana Macawber escapes from the Negaverse. The gate is left open, however, as there is still one red caped mallard to put back in his place... Standard night in St Canard. A security guard bound in a bank ...

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                      • Morgana Macawber

                        Complete Armony

                        Reserved for: Morg, Quiverwing, Ariana, DW, and a few other plot devices.  "What do you mean I can't see him? This is important! Please, we don't have much ti-" "Listen, Elvira, I don't care what cockamamie story you've cooked up, visitin' hours were over an hour ago, no exceptions. You ca...

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