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    • Puck Puddlebill

      Puck Puddlebill

      About: ...wouldn't tell anyone if he took her on a few late night crime-busting sprees with her, and he reluctantly agreed. That's when she first became Midnight Star.


      • Lilly Teal

        Comment on "RP: From Russia with Luck"

        He let out a laugh, deep and warm and genuine as he brought the hand he was holding...a lie. "I am curious to see what happens at midnight. There's ten minutes to midnight, I believe? Fifteen, perhaps? time." In some other darkened corner, was midn...

        • Lilly Teal

          Comment on "Luck, Stalk, and Two Smoking Barrels"

          "Aww, isn't that sweet," Lilly said sardonically. "Charlie, make a note, she can...leave you to it." Paying attention to the customer's needs. Haaaaaalf star? Quarter? One tip of the star? "What would you have done,...

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          • (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

            Magical Night Out

            ((OOC: RP reserved for NegaGos and Morgana. An...t, singing to herself happily. It was starting to get dark, but she didn...was back home. And she could see the stars! They were so pretty! ...ncle Quacky say if she saw a shooting star and made a wish, it would com...

            • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

              RP: Insert [Mad Lib] Here

              [NOTE: THIS THREAD IS RATED M FOR.... well... you'll see if you keep reading] Reserved for: Malicia, Negad...PREVIOUSLY ON DUCKVERSE...verse... verse... Negaduck has enticed Mal into a midn...

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              • Puck Puddlebill


                Midnight Star vs. Torque. Drawn by FrothingLizard.

                • DarkwingPsycho

                  Midnight Plotting

                  Finally had a chance to finish this.  Jacob and Mal making plans to make Negaduck's life more difficult than he already makes it for himself. I forgot to draw in Mal's sleeves, but meh.

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                  • Negaduck

                    By Negaduck

                    @Elliot "And I give that insult attempt at a 0/10. Here's a crappy gold star for you for trying."

                    • Alex Shoveler

                      By Alex Shoveler

                      @drakemallard "I'm sorry to hear that. On the plus side, this heat makes for comfortable late night weather. In fact, Sophie and I have been visiting different outdoor bars during weekend nights and usually end up dancing past midnight."

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                      • Puck Puddlebill

                        Midnight Star

                        Tags: puck, puddlebill, duck, midnight star, cute, punk, singer, mohawk, irish

                        • Puck Puddlebill

                          Punk Girl

                          Drawn by FrothignLizard

                          Tags: puck, puddlebill, duck, punk, singer, band, irish, hero, colorful, midnight star

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