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    • Melody Demeanor

      RP: Idle Worship

      Reserved for: Lilly and Melody.  The bells above the bookshop door tinkled merrily, announcing the arrival of yet another customer. The woman stood in the entrance momentarily, twirling a strand of her blonde locks with one, slender finger. She was rather petite for a swan, a...

      Tags: lilly teal, melody demeanor, your number one fan, this is gonna get weird

      • Melody Demeanor

        RP: Bank Re-nova-tions

        Reserved for: Melody and Red Nova "Sir as I have already explained, you cannot cash a check written on toilet paper that really is not how this works at all." The swan was using her terse-but-still-polite voice as she ran through her explanation of valid forms of currency for the umpteenth ...

        Tags: melody demeanor, red nova, cool guys don't look at explosions they just turn and they walk awaaaay~

        • Just Quackerjack

          In The Good Ol' Summertime

          There couldn't have been a day when Quackerjack had been more elated. There just couldn't have. He'd already left the note for the dear, sweet lady - Melody, what a lovely name - to find, and he just knew she'd be stopping by any moment now. Of course, he was more than prepared in case she didn't...

          Tags: reserved roleplay, softjack, melody demeanor, possible torture and other icky things, mature tag may or may not be needed, no spicey times tho, murder depends on the way the victim responds, very fun times for all, dont die melody, and dont bleed out