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    • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

      Queen Malicia of St. Canard

      About: ...weaponry when I already had magic on my side. But he was keen on showing me just how useful firearms can be and so I let him teach me some of the mechanics behind it all. Admittedly it...

      • Sophie Sarcelle

        Sophie Sarcelle

        About: their mutual enjoyment of racing and sports. Additionally, Sophie's father, Jean Sarcelle, had once driven in competitions and had assisted in mechanical work for a small team towar...

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        • James Wolfe

          Comment on "Psychiatrist Un-Help: Part Two"

          James scowled. What was that supposed to mean? Perhaps a brain could be comparable to a car engine, but the mechanic were usually the brain surgeons. There was nothing wrong with his h...

          • Quiverwing Duck

            Comment on "What A Wonderful Town!"

            ...anted to cover her up and make sure nothing went missing, but he didn't have the means for it.He let the girl take his hand. "I wish I had a good mechanic." Quiverwing could not help b...

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            • Launchpad McQuack

              To SHUSH or Not To SHUSH

              ...until it sat in that he was referring to his mechanical arm. Alex still wasn't quit..."Dang! I knew you were a great pilot, but a mechanic, too?" Alex whistled in aston...eler 9 months agoAlex whistled at Launchpad's mechanical prowess. "Dang! I can think...

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              • Torque

                By Torque

                Hello my beautiful villains of St. Canard!~ Looking for some rocket-shooting robots? Maybe knife wielding spider-bots? You're favorite diabolical mechanic is up for hire, message me for prices ;)


                • Torque


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                  • Torque


                    Drawn by FrothingLizard

                    Tags: torque, rabbit, bunny, evil, villain, mechanic, human

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