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    • GizmoDuck


      About: ...head at the drop of a bean.  Bean counting was his job before fate and happenstance brought him to the Gizmosuit and eventually he became Scrooge McDuck's bodyguard/underpaid account...

      • ScroogeMcDuck


        About: Scrooge McDuck is the richest Duck in the world with Scottish heritage, he is the uncle to Donald duck and read grandfather to Huey,Dewy, and Louie He is a adventure and a...

        • Derpface Dork

          Derpface Dork

          About: ...some hell beast, but really he is a bit of a twerp and a coward. He is a bit used to following the whims of an evil genius (He worked for Scrooge McDuck) but used to a life of violen...

          • Richest Duck in the World

            Richest Duck in the World

            Species: What do you think I am? A turkey? Och. It's in me name: "McDuck"!

            • John D. Rockerduck

              John D. Rockerduck

              Occupation: Billionaire, Number One Enemy (Friendly Rival) To Scrooge McDuck, Oil Tycoon

              • Angel McDrake

                Angel McDrake

                About: 9, and she was then taken in and cared for by friends of her mother after her father was sent to prison for his crimes. Angel befriends Scrooge McDuck and his family and friends, a...

                • Ludwig Von Drake

                  Ludwig Von Drake

                  With: Matilda McDuck

                  • Launchpad McQuack

                    Launchpad McQuack

                    About: Launchpad is a pilot and chauffeur of Scrooge McDuck. His skill in both of these areas is questionable at best. His true talents lie in crashing and being an all around positive guy d...