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    • QuackerJack

      The Museum Heist (RP with Max Wicked)

      Midnight! It was peak hours for most criminals: con men and no-goodnicks alike. With generally most folks fast asleep, QuackerJack on the other hand was already wide awake and getting down to business. There was no time to lose!In the middle of a street, a colorful-looking toymaker in jester's cl...

      Tags: quackerjack, max wicked, roleplay, museum, art theft

      • Mother Goose

        Wicked Witch of the Beats

        Mother Goose was positively giddy with excitement. It was finally opening weekend for St Canard Cultural Museum and she had big plans for their newest exhibit, ‘The Wonderful World of Oz’. Not only would the event opening be a fairytale delight, with a live “munchkin” band...

        Tags: mother goose, treble clef, wizard of oz, free for all brawl, for reals somebody stop them, gladstone gander, max wicked, darkwing duck

        • A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs

          The Wrong Side of the Pool (Max and Lexi)

          (Link to previous rp Dangerous Waters ) A fog had settled over St. Canard, gently coating every surface in shimmering dew, and muffling the city’s noises. Near an abandoned, weed-riddled, formerly public pool, a figure sat, staring vacantly at the empty basin. She tugged her hood...

          Tags: Max Wicked, Lexi Calandrina, a witch, a fox, a gang and a broken-down pool, what more could you want for a pool party?