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      Character Bio: Malicia Macawber (Retcon Edition)

        Once upon a time, a narcissistic demonness fell in love with a psychopathic supervillain. Together, they wreaked havoc wherever they went, spreading fear and misery among the masses. It was a match made in Hell, and together they were seemingly unstoppable. But all good (or in this c...

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      • Negaduck

        Seas the Day

        Set after Hell Hath No Fury, when Ariana and Negaduck first depart to track down the Duchess and his soulful ship. Considerable time before The Pirate Queen. Reserved for Negs and Ari at this point, but throw any pitches my way.   He should have been proud. The two women had commande...

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        • Malicia Macawber

          RP: Going Out on a Limb

          (This blog takes place after the events of Razed From the Dead and Burning Over a New Leaf). Reserved for: Malicia and Negaduck "I am telling you, they are a special brand of deranged across the Bay! I was thoroughly soaked by the end of it all!" Malica leaned against the work bench in her...

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