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    • DarkwingPsycho

      Comment on "West of Eden"

      Jacob quirked a brow interestedly.  Dimensional travel had become something of an obsession over the last decade, so naturally he glommed on to the topic. "How were you attempting this travelAnd...

      • Morgana Macawber

        Comment on "The Prison Instruments"

        "There is not." Morgana assured gently. "He has his own access to the...he was testing Ariana's gullibility. "And ports to the negaverse need to b...know the dangers of multidimensional travel." It was elementary teachi..."Negaduck tried to get me to use my magic and...

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        • Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles

          A New Hero in town

          ...d or by- it can grow stronger and sometimes even the greatest magic users cannot control it. - This magic using individual was born...ds that could also was a born magic user- she grew to see it as a gift and embrace it and her new life....ensemble she wore a gray cape and...

          • Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles

            Two agents, one mission, too many problems

            "Around the world those with magic or magic potential are being taken and never seen or heard from again and a majority of those missing a...oles, as you are an expert in magic and languages, you are assigned this...a list of countries that have magic users that have not had any...

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            • Piper/ Jade

              Jade/ Piper (REKTCON VERSION)

              Name: Piper Lee 
Voice Actress (Sounds Like):  Lacey Chabert  (...hips: None, to be updated over time. 
Super powers: None. Str...-Master at Theft -Very kind and polite. Charismatic, and a bit charming (and sassy whe...always fails. She is a softy, and a is in each pouch at any one tim...

              • Max Wicked

                The Wicked Gunlance

                The Wicked Gunlance is Max's second handiest tool in battle and in non-battle...ts, capture bullets, tranquilizer bullets and plenty more. Then for lethal...The Wicked Gunlance uses one bullet at a time and the bullet can be fired multiple tim...


                • Kamkairo

                  What is a Shadowraith?

                  WHAT IS A SHADOWRAITH? (aka What are Malvolius and Thade?) A Shadowraith is...n elemental entity of shadows and darkness. While they are qui...based form to gain the upper hand in a fight. (think &lsquo...SHADOWGANA - (MORGANA)Shadow MagicBlack Fire / Conjures shadowy flames and...

                  • Kamkairo

                    Trashyard Tate

                    GENERAL . INFORMATION REAL NAME : Tate Salvaggi ALIAS : Tra...yard Tate OCCUPATION : Owner and operator of the St. Canard Scr...with brown suspenders, black and white hi-tops, dark newsboy c...loof, reserved, stubborn, sometimes reckless, appears lazy at times TALENTS : Has a knack for...

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                    • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                      All about 'Rektcon'

                      Welcome, friends! If you have reached this page it's because re...y Negaduck after he enabled a time-reversal spell to undo nearl...r roleplay-related events. And I do mean, quite literally, ne...rly a decade's worth. In real-time, many of these characters and storylines began around 2009....

                      • Crimson Cowl

                        John Doe (Transferred from Darkwing Duck Fan Wiki)

                        John Doe   "Are you going to put me on shock therapy? Last time someone locked me up they put...John was able to escape Jail time by pleeing insanity (a sugges...y his court appointed lawyer) and be...ks after abducting Gizmo Duck and stealing his Gizmo suit. Joh...

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                        • Drake Mallard

                          By Drake Mallard

                          ((OOC: You trust Negs not blow anything up?!! Hope the trip is fun! And have a safe travel!))

                          • Agent Carol Torres

                            By Agent Carol Torres

                            "That is correct, Sir. I have a travel kit packed with everything needed for treating allergy symptoms, including slippery elm tea for coughs.
                            Mr. Darkwing, if you are that miserable, you should have a doctor prescribe you an allergy treatment...More

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                            • Lilly Teal

                              The same as it never was

                              The Market had been an eye opening experience in many ways. For Matthew, it had brought a secret softness that he had missed. One could even say he hadn't noticed it had dried up until it was brought back again, bringing with it a smile very few people had seen. Mambo was one of those privileged...

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