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    • James Wolfe

      Spying spells

      ((OOC: RP reserved for Agent Connor and Lexi.)) Such a lovely day in St Canard. The sky had never been clearer, and, this being a weekend, people were spending their leisure time wherever they want. Malls, cinemas, arcades and the St Canard Park were filled with citizens enjoying themselves befo...

      Tags: connor, lexi, magic, jelly, S.H.U.S.H., spy, secret agent, friend or foe

      • Harmonizer

        Stranger Stuff

        ((OOC: RP reserved for Harmonizer and Lenore DeSpell. I'M SO SORRY FOR THE LATENESS. D8)) After helping Bushroot deliver a plant, Anastasia decided to take opportunity of her short-lived freedom to roam Duckburg for a bit before returning to her warden.  She hummed to herself contently as ...

        Tags: Harmonizer's alter ego, Lenore DeSpell, music, magic, Wartimer