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    • Quiverwing Duck

      Comment on "Locks and Chains"

      "Hm. Okay." Quiverwing gestured to Harmonizer to follow..... associations?" Part of that area had woodworking tools, and what looked like a somew...ow-shaped press or mold, as well as a jig and other tools to make and fletch arrows."Wo...

      • Negaduck

        Comment on "RP: Explosive Temper III"

        "There he is!" A bellow from around the other corner.  "Hey, ain't that the guy from Negaduck's hit" "GET 'IM!" That war cry seemed to indicate a consensus as the two lots of crooks charged. Two lots...

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        • Gladstone Gander

          Dream a Little Dream

          The night had started like any other at the Coatl club.  It was busy for a weeknight a new show was being p...le in a corner with an ibex nearly twice her size. Pleasantries were made and lots and lots...

          • Piper/ Jade

            A woman scorned...

            ((Reserved at this time for Piper (and nips), Jacob, Lilly (et al) and Gladstone. PM either myself or Jacob if other reason than to make him pay for standing her up. It took time, though. Lots...

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            • Agent Carol Torres

              Torres Family Angst (i.e. Why Carol bakes a lot)

              (OOC: I wrote this to characterize Carol’s parents and provide some details on Carol’s background. I a...and therapy rooms, where they found a buffet table with soft finger snacks, and lots...

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              • Negaduck

                By Negaduck

                "Nah, more killing sounds good. LOTS more killing."

                • Alex Shoveler

                  By Alex Shoveler

                  "Tis' the season. Flurries in the air. The scent of cookies and peppermint. Christmas caroling. Lots of cursing when you buy a pre-lit Christmas tree and two thirds of the bulbs don't work and they gave you the instructions in Japanese. Not to...More


                  • Negaduck

                    RP: Music to Your Ears

                    [RP open to all but please drop me a note before you join in. I might have.. plans...] Hades, it felt good to get out and back into crime. Granted armed burglary was at the smaller scale, but as Negaduck well knew, to make an omelette you had to smash a few dozen eggs. Didn't mean he c...

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