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    • Negaduck

      RP: The Daily Grind

      Sometime after Lilly's spectacularly successful go at Supervillain for a Day... It had been peaceful. So peaceful. The sort of peace that a bookstore with a cute little cafe was meant to have.  Then a swamp monster slammed open the door.  No wait, that was no swamp monster. That...

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      • (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

        Positivity Overload

        ((OOC: RP reserved for NegaGos and Lilly.)) On one quiet afternoon in St Canard, there was a soft tinkling as the door to the Second Story Books was pushed open, hitting against the bell. A little girl with bouncy red curls and a fluffy pink dress skipped in on black buckled shoes, humming to he...

        Tags: NegaGos, Lilly Teal, birds will sing when they meet, flowers will bloom wherever they go, typical Disney princesses, too cute to exist

        • Lilly Teal

          Ace of clubs

          Oz had been so grateful, so pleased by Gladstone's daring rescue at the gala, that he was only too happy to pay him back by taking the spotlight away from him. Not that it was exactly a chore, it was a complete pleasure. So perhaps he felt he hadn't paid him back, not really. And that may h...

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          • Gladstone Gander

            It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Crime-mas

            Grunning’s department store had started to notice that their holiday displays were always a draw for the tourists with all that fabulous money in their pockets.  And through the power of <strike>commercialism</strike>-er-Christmas that money magically transferred from their...

            Tags: Lilly Teal, Ariana McCawber, Megavolt, Gladstone Gander, Ho Ho No, Batteries not Included

            • Gladstone Gander

              RP: From Russia with Luck

              There were so few nice neighborhoods in St Canard but this was one of them. Row upon row of pristine, elegant homes with manicured lawns. Nothing too showy mind you, just sophisticated. Showy and gaudy belonged elsewhere thank you very much, so when one Saturday in the late afternoon a bright gre...

              Tags: Lilly Teal, Gladstone Gander, Matthew Halden, great first impressions, The Goose who Dated Me, S.H.U.S.H. now and don’t F.O.W.L. this up

              • Gladstone Gander

                I Left my Heart in Hamunaptra

                For some people getting a phone call from the guy you were dating asking if your second date could be a destination affair might be odd but for Lilly it wouldn’t have been the strangest thing Gladstone had sprung on her. There was a little errand his Uncle had asked him to take care of (as ...

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                • Gladstone Gander

                  Adventures in Nephewsitting

                  It had just been another uneventful day at Second Story Books for the lovely bookseller. There had been a few customers who had wandered in out of the rain and two had even bought something! But currently it was quiet, and there were still too many hours between now and closing to fathom.  N...

                  Tags: Lilly Teal, Gladstone Gander, Huey Dewey and Louie, Three's a crowd, She Likes Kids Right?, sharing the family burden, nephews nephews everywhere, and not a drop to drink

                  • Gladstone Gander

                    Hug it Out

                    The Coatl Club was always on point. It seemed effortless, easy, relaxed, which was the truest indication that, this was not the case. Anyone who was around during the off hours could attest to this, which Gladstone Gander often was. Not because he was much help, although he could hold things or ...

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                    • Gladstone Gander

                      Dream a Little Dream

                      The night had started like any other at the Coatl club.  It was busy for a weeknight a new show was being put on so the regulars were interested and that extended to the performers friends and family as well.  Gladstone had even convinced  Leonard to leave his shop and socialize. A...

                      Tags: Lilly Teal, Matthew Halden, Ozymandias Brent, Gladstone Gander, Madam Mambo, Leonard Ainsworth, Nodoff to Dream World, Engage the enemy in his own mentality, chase his dreams, face his demons, live his nightmares, Psychic saviors, they should make a game like this

                      • Gladstone Gander

                        Mother Knows Best

                        Gladstone sent a suspicious look around the street before he ducked into a small garden set between two upscale businesses.  He wasn't sure himself if he should be doing this, but something about the whole dragon and princes debacle had disturbed his sensitive sense of self.  He wasn't ...

                        Tags: Mother Goose, Lilly Teal, Gladstone Gander, Let's get down to business, Mister she'll make a prince out of you, maybe, she's not Miracle Goose, Fairy Fails