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    • Negaduck

      RP: Back in the Bad Books

      Negaduck was on the case. The book case, that was, of a qiant little store that had yet to invest in supervillain proof walls, for he had simply walked through the brickwork and onto the overturned collection of Phrenology for Goats.  "Look at this dump. So much -ugh- learning."  Some...

      Tags: negaduck, gosalyn mallard, negagos, lilly teal, gladstone, quiverwing, give this guy a hand

      • Melody Demeanor

        RP: Idle Worship

        Reserved for: Lilly and Melody.  The bells above the bookshop door tinkled merrily, announcing the arrival of yet another customer. The woman stood in the entrance momentarily, twirling a strand of her blonde locks with one, slender finger. She was rather petite for a swan, a...

        Tags: lilly teal, melody demeanor, your number one fan, this is gonna get weird

        • Mother Goose

          If You Give a Bird a Bicky...

          ((Approximately one week after the events of The Lying, the Witch and the Xenophobes)) "Ok, one last time before they get here," Briar said, adjusting her hat nervously. In preparation of her parents arrival (and subsequent lifestyle judgement), the goose had replaced her usual frilly choice of ...

          Tags: mother goose, lilly teal, gladstone gander, hagatha grimm, gary grimm, night of the living dad, the mommy returns, parent's day, that's the way the cookie crumbles, spilled milk will be the last thing to cry about

          • Red Nova

            Arms Race

            Tony, a sizeable looking canine with just the faintest hint of grey at his temples, was situated at his usual booth in the restaurant, waiting for their visitors. This was a prime location to discuss business matters, as he owned the place, so there was no need to be concerned over any prying. An...

            Tags: reserved roleplay, lilly teal, red nova

            • Negaduck

              RP: Spineless

              [[Reserved currently for Gladstone and Lilly and this stupid curse.]] Not a day and potentially not even a minute depending on your perspective after being drowned in a sea of climate change warriors (ironically), Negaduck had squeezed out of his self-imposed community service to find the gander...

              Tags: negaduck, gladstone gander, lilly teal, inaugural meeting of the nice club