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    • Piper/ Jade

      You've got to pay your way at the end of the day!

      Reserved for: Piper and Oz et. al... Piper tugged at the skirt she was wearing, trying to pull it down a littleā€¦ Uncomfortable was an understatement. Yes, it was professional attire, but the skirt was just a hair too short for her liking. Unfortunately it was all the shelter had for her to...

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      • Piper/ Jade

        Curmudgeonous Conflicts

        (Reserved for Lilly and Piper at current time.)<3 <3 <3 <3It was one of their busier nights. New club, new acts, new atmosphere… word spread fast among the city and before anyone knew it, Querido Quetzal had become a veritable hot spot. Piper, though slightly overwhelmed, was ...

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        • Piper/ Jade

          From: Curmudgeonous Conflicts

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          • Negaduck

            Duchess of Disaster

            Even the deck feared to squeak as the black-hearted pirate Negaduck paced back and forth. Some time had passed since he and his crew had escaped the hold - of his own ship, mark you - and set sail for revenge.  There were, however, a few obstacles to overcome. "We lost our treasure, our s...

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            • Lilly Teal

              No strings attached

              (OOC: Reserved for Lilly and Mal, though if anyone can write a good Paddywhack, hit me up!) Night was not a good time to be alone. This place was not a good place. This place at night was the worst time and place to be alone. Lilly looked up at the dilapadated buildings uneasily. Maybe this wa...

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              • Lilly Teal

                Sweet dreams and sweet schemes

                (OOC: Reserved for Lilly, Matthew, and Piper.) The Halden house was an impressive affair, secure in its own statelyness without being needlessly gaudy and flashy. It was also, currently, mostly dark, with just a few lights on in the upper windows. "Are you still up? It's very late." Knock...

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                • Lilly Teal

                  We all scream for ice cream

                  You made not believe it, but there ARE still good people in the world. Consider this story. Supervillain activity was common, of course. Less common, but common enough to be worrying, were supervillain team-ups. In this case, the Liquidator and Quackerjack had decided that the best way to get the...

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                  • Lilly Teal

                    Luck be a ladle tonight

                    (OOC: Reserved for Lilly, Gladstone, and the ladle right now.) It wasn't exactly night, though in some places the clouds were thick enough that you would be forgiven for thinking that. But despite appearances, it wasn't muggy at all, and no torrential rain fell from those thick clouds. Just a li...

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                    • Lilly Teal

                      Attempted interactions

                      (OOC: Reserved for Lilly Teal and Carmine Field.) "So..." Lilly shifted a little from foot to foot. First to break the horribly uncomfortable silence. Carmine could choose to take that as a positive point if he wanted, that he would not break under attempts to stare him into giving him informat...

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                      • Lilly Teal

                        The same as it never was

                        The Market had been an eye opening experience in many ways. For Matthew, it had brought a secret softness that he had missed. One could even say he hadn't noticed it had dried up until it was brought back again, bringing with it a smile very few people had seen. Mambo was one of those privileged...

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