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    • Lilly Teal

      Comment on "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"

      Say it again. Keep saying you love me. Keep saying stu...I can't lose you, I can't. They were not the most romantic of thoughts, but she was happ...and her eyes opened up again. "Um." No, not very romantic at all. "Was that... uh, was...

      • Crimson Cowl

        Comment on "The Luckiest Duck on Earth"

        John sighed...and pulled a gun "Lets get one thing straight pal, only ONE Gladstone is walking away from this" He really hated when they made him do this.

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        • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

          RP: Bust-ed

          This blog is rated M for horrible, horrible things. I.e., Negaduck.  Reserve...tropolis is bathed in warm oranges and purples. One might even describe it as 'romantic', especially when returning f...

          • Piper/ Jade

            You've got to pay your way at the end of the day!

            Reserved for: Piper and Oz et. al... Piper tugged at the skirt she was wear...ateful nonetheless since it meant she would get to keep a permanent bed....ded herself, this is just temporary. We’ll get on our feet soon enough! Yes, happy thoughts. Lets kee...

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            • Piper/ Jade

              Jade/ Piper (REKTCON VERSION)

              Name: Piper Lee 
Voice Actress (Sounds Like):  Lacey Ch...Charismatic, and a bit charming (and sassy when she gets to know someone.), but always fails. She is a softy, and a silly romantic. - She has a utility belt, a...

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              • Crimson Cowl

                Transcript of John Doe's interview

                Transcript: John Doe psychological interview 1, Dr J. Argon, Duckburg Phy...e your point of view is...interesting, lets put a pin in that idea for t...tor that they were my patient and then get them to return to my cell. Yo...perfectly fine Mr. Doe, you're here to get bett...

                • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                  Roleplay Archives

                  A collection of saved RPs from t...ed just how far they'll go to get their "smoochy smoochy"... T...g her baby-daddy. Also, Lilly gets dragged into the mess (again...not what one might define as romantic. None of My Business -...tinues his grand scheme by targeting the McDuck Pickle Factory. But...

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                  • Mother Goose

                    Once Upon a Scheme

                    Ah, there is nothing nicer than a nap in your comfortable bed, in your comfortable room, in your comfortable house… yes, everything was going nicely for the luckiest goose in the world, Gladstone Gander…BANG!! Crash! Glitter!“Oooh, oowowow… I’ve got to work on the...

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                    • Mother Goose

                      Sing Crackshells All in a Row

                      Finally, finally, the weather was changing and spring was starting to win the fight for St. Canard. Nothing but sweet sunshine and warm breezes ahead. Mother Goose sighed happily. Spring was simply the most wonderful time of the year.  In fact, the only thing missing were flowers, and Mothe...

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