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    • Darkwing Duck

      Comment on "Complete Armony"

      Darkwing stood near Morgana, not appreciating this nurse's attitude one...he had insulted not only Morgana, but the folded up parasol at his wais...unconsciously putting a hand against the umbrella.  "Right into the Audubo...rupted.  That, and watching limb reatt...

      • Reynard Lowkey

        Comment on "The Entertainer"

        "Au contraire, my friend. That's Spanish for 'you have yet to grasp the truth'"  And before she...en."  He honestly could begin to understand the inner turmoil she was suffering...f he could even pick it up to begin with. From her behavior,...

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        • Agent Carol Torres

          Viva Paris

          Carol studied the maps of the airports, Paris, and the hotel she had booked she waited for boarding to begin. She knew when and where the concert was being held but no...k as far as her stamina would let her and then call a...resting to see who would join them for this very long, hopefully...

          • Melody Demeanor

            RP: Bank Re-nova-tions

            Reserved for: Melody and Red Nova "Sir as I have already a check written on toilet paper that really is not how this works at all." The swan was using her bastions of excitement to begin with,.... Canard as being Number 2 on the 'Top 8 Most Pilfered and Plunge...

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            • Morgana Macawber

              Complete Armony

              Reserved for: Morg, Quiverwing, Ariana, DW, and a few other plot devices.  "What do you mean I can't see him? This is important! Please, we don't have much ti-" "Listen, Elvira, I don't care what cockamamie story you've cooked up, visitin' hours were over an hour ago, no exceptions. You ca...

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