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    • Piper/ Jade

      Comment on "It was only a matter of time..."

      ...a dazzling moment, Jade laid there, stars dancing in front of her eyes as the...ould probably be terrified at the figure standing above her-- but Malicia's laughter had put Ja...r vision. "And my style is to not be known, really. The less people who know about me,...

      • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

        Comment on "It was only a matter of time..."

        Grinning widely, Mal didn't hesitate with jumping into the details. "The information you will be steal...d. "I want that information. But the tricky part... I don't want h...ave many opportunities to nab the information, but I'll let you decide the time and place."

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        • Launchpad McQuack

          To SHUSH or Not To SHUSH

          ...talking, or experimenting in labs and offices. Sometimes it had smoke, explosions, and/or the sound of shattering glass the mix. Today was just another slow, ordinary day for S.H.U.S.H. employees but there was a ray of sunshine i...ation. He came here to relax, not...

          • Launchpad McQuack

            Quackerjack's blog: "Fools Gold Rush In"

            ...ture with a villain thrown in the mix. ^^ Open to DWD/DT characters. Note me first when/if you want to...k weeks to finally get rid of the nasty smell Darkwing had placed on him back at the Whiffle...alarms were turned off during the...n the music reached his ears. Not wanting to partake in the cacop...

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            • MIllie Barr (a.k.a. Inflatabelle)

              How Millie Came To St. Canard

              While crawling from one bar to another in her home town of Cayuga three youths. She came to the senior citizen’s assistance and drove off the...s Millie stumbled out of yet another bar, the youths jumped her,...side and rocketing her across the skyline. She eventually crash...

              • Gladstone Gander

                -waves flag-

                Negaduck's Biggest Stan With: Negahunk (in my DREAMS)Occupation: I...moron with an ugly face and a big butt and my butt smells and I like to kiss fanclub. Everyone come to my place we're going to have an annu...our of this dramatic realisation, the only important thing that happe...


                • Steelbeak/Steelbeak

                  A little tied up

                  Dorkwing's all tied up and no place ta go! (Original:


                  • Kamkairo

                    What is a Shadowraith?

                    ...shadows and darkness. While they are quite powerful in a conflict on their own, they mainly serve as a...ted by powers and attacks by other...essentially very overpowered, but can be countered with another Shadowraith. Both Shadowra.../ Can spit a shadowy smog in place of his gas gunShadow Combat /...

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                    • Launchpad McQuack

                      Potsherds (Harmonizer and OC rp)

                      (OOC: I'm blank on ideas so this is kind of a "get to know you" interesting. XD )   Not long after Jab Specks, Raindrop, Six, and Harou left the proximity of the building the robbery and explosion had taken plac...nd super villain activity was not covered in the warranty, she sobbed, sinking b...

                      • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                        Duckverse Roleplay Ratings

                        I've seen some murmurings here, there, and elsewhere regarding the overall website's rating in r...Darkwing Duck and DuckTales, the website itself is not limited to the child-like wor...nkly, if you're looking for a plac...discourage G-rated roleplay, but this website is not based around it either. Proceed...

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                      • Darkwing Tower

                        Darkwing Tower

                        At the top of the Audubon Bay Bridge, is the secret hide out of Darkwing Duck. From our hero watches the city for crime as well as a place to keep all of his nifty crime fighting gadgets. All allies are welcome but evildoers beware! Of course you could join too. But keep your hands to yourself!

                      • Steelbeak's Place

                        Steelbeak's Place

                        My pad, take a look around, make yerself comfy . . .


                        • Lilly Teal

                          We're all expanding

                          For Darryl and the Von Drankes. Freelancing was all very well. You were your own boss, and in St. Canard a builder was never hurting for jobs. And you could eat at work. Again, being your own boss. So why do anything else, when he was set up so well? If you're wondering that, you have no...

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