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    • Harmonizer

      Comment on "Harmonic meeting"

      After the goodbye, Harmonizer quickly charged towards the place where she heard it......her head. Nothing there... she just got too excited. Quietly, her earlier high spirits gone, she left for her hideou...

      • Negaduck

        Comment on "The Bride & The Pirate"

        Nobody spoke to Negaduck like that. Ship or not. Whirling to face a scolding from som...ike his prisoner, the captain politely declined her good advice with warm spirits. Or not. "Make me," he snar...

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        • Max Wicked

          Max Wicked's Biography & Story in Duckverse

          Max's story in Duckverse: Chapter 1: Max was travelling along a barren wasteland a...ways trying to help people when they need it most. Always trys to stay in high spirits even when things look very ba...

          • Harmonizer

            The Point of Music

            Now this... this was fun. Harmonizer forgot how much she missed running around the roo...herself to avoid that).  Her warden had been so glad to see her lift in spirits, along with her aid in the cr...

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            • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

              Roleplay Archives

              A collection of saved RPs from the socialgo Duckverse site, compiled by Nemzit and M...op Negs and his Militia of Malicias. Meet The (Dead) Parents- Mal summons the spirits of Negaduck’s parents i...

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              • Just Quackerjack

                By Just Quackerjack

                From the back of the room, a familiar voice piped up: "Wow, way to let down the kid's spirits." before they slammed their hands over their mouth. Bad move...More


                • Dr. Moira Rousseau

                  Friends of a Feather

                  Sometimes, even therapists have things in their own lives they need a little help with. And, as it turns out, providing guidance to others is much easier than trying to do the same for yourself. At SHUSH, things were actually going very well for Dr. Moira Rousseau. Despite her initial concerns a...

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